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X-men Review

My revisitation of of the X-men movies start with the first movie to start the modern age of super hero films , X-men. 

X-men came out in 2000 , and it’s directed by Bryan Singer . The movie starts out with a scene of young Erik Lehnsherr , In 1944 German-occupied Poland,he is separated from his parents upon entry to a concentration camp. In attempting to reach them, he causes a set of gates to bend towards him, as though attracted by a magnetic force. I like that we get to see a young Magneto before he becomes magneto because it gives him layers as a character. Than we jump decades later . Senator Kelly wants to pass a mutant registration act in congress which would force mutants to publicly reveal their identities and abilities . During this we get our first introduction to Magneto and Professor X who discuss the deferent view points on humans and mutants. One of the things I like about X-men is the philosophy behind it . It’s kind of like segregation and the civil rights era in which Magneto is Malcom X and Professor X is martin luther King. I just love they way they illustrate that and I love how they handle Magneto and Professor X because they both want the same thing but go about it differently . As for the actors that play them I cannot think of any other actors other than Patrick Stewart( Professor X) and Ian Mckellen (Magneto) who was made to play X and Magneto . 

After that scene we meet Rogue(Anna Paquin) who is going cross country after she has the power so absorb life outta people by touching and if she touches a mutant she temporally has their powers . SHe meet Logan a.k.a. the wolverine. they are both on the run but are both ambushed by Saber tooth. who at the time this movie came out we were suposed to believe they didn’t know each other but according to X-men Origins : Wolverine they are brothers and parted ways by the end ? (shrug) . Sabertooth is one of my favorite villains in this movies. I love when both sabertooth and Wolverine fight. Storm and cyclops save Wolverine and rogue  and they take them back to Xavior’s school for gifted youngsters. Proffessor X tells wolverine about the school and that he leads a group of mutants called the X-Men, who are trying to seek peace with the human race, educate young mutants in the responsible use of their powers, and stop Magneto from escalating the war with humanity. 

Hallie Berry plays storm. I know some people didn’t really like her as storm but I don’t see the problem tho she would be my first choice for storm but she plays him well and its cool to see her used her powers. When saberotth grabs her by the neck in the train station she controls the weather and make and lighting bolt take out saberooth. We got cyclops who I felt is not used enough in this series but for what they gave him in this movie it was cool. and when him and wolverine banter like they did in the comics I was like “ thats totally from the comics” Props to the makers of this movie for that. Jean Grey is played by famke Janseen in ehich she great as jean Grey and the character as a hold was perfect and tho I also felt she was not used enough in this but they make it up in the next two movies but back when this movie came out I was interested where they where gonna take her chapter …..If you know what I mean.

Bruce Davison as Senator  Kelly he was good . I like that he is the one that believe  mutants are different than humans but than he is captured by the brotherhood of mutants and get puts in their shoes. The brotherhood consist of magneto , sabertooth and two others toad and mystique. I do not like frogs but I like the character toad who is played by Darth Maul himself Ray Park. He has frog like powers In which he has an incredible long tongue which make his one and only action sequence at the end awesome. Before hand their is a scene of him jumping on top of a police officer and completely crushes him . That was awesome. And lastly Rebecca Romijn as mystique . It was bazaar how they handled her but I loved it. Maybe this makes me weird but a naked blue women was the part of the inception of my puberty. Mystique’s power is that she can shape shift in to anyone she wants to be. It was cool seeing her do that especially when she fights wolverine and she messes with him by turning into storm but wolverine with his good sense of smell knew it’s not her then wolverine stabs her and she turns back in to her naked blue self. My favorite part of this movie is the climax because it showcases the character and their abilities.

between all the good actors and character is a really great story in which you have magneto wants to eliminate all the humans because he feels that mutants are more dominate. I give props to Bryan singer for bringing the x-men to the big screen in such a grounded and serious way because the super genre died with Batman and Robin but Bryan singer resurrected it with this huge surprise of a film. I also loved the way this film was shot the cinematography was fantastic. I love the music in the film too. I love the  opening credits and the music for the film because it sets the tone of the film. The whole production of this film was a bit of fresh air for everybody at the time. Especially for the cerebro scenes because thats something that could of failed but it work.

I cannot stress enough how much this film is good. The next film is even better , but the first X-men film is an A++

Classic Review : Spider-man (2002)

Now that we finally got Captain America: The Winter Soldier  The Amazing Spider-man 2 and X-men days of future past are slowly but surly coming around the corner so to prep for those two movies I decided to review the Spider-man and previous x-men movies . Next week is when I will start my review of the x-men film but since the amazing spider man 2 comes 3 weeks before days of future past today In my very first classic  review I will review the terrifying , the deadly , the Amazing Spider-man

so Spider-man came out on 2002 just 10 year before they rebooted spider-man with the amazing spider-man . Now this was a film that started the modern age of super hero movies because around that time the comic book movie genre died in the hands of batman and robin  but was resurrected with X-men and Spider-man . Now personally between the two ,  Spider-man is my favorite . I remember it debut on the big screen on may 3 , 2002 ,  the day after my birthday . So my dad because he is a fan of spider-man as well , him and I , as a B-day gift went to go see it . Now I have seen Spider-man so many time but that first time seeing it in theaters will always be my favorite because I was so mesmerized by the fact that they really brought one of my favorite characters to the big screen and actually did the character justice. I’m telling the feeling I had seeing this movie for the first time will have not be matched until I saw the Avenger for the first time in theaters. It is one of those movies in a line of other films that inspired me to get into filmmaking. 

but anyways I thought I share a little something about myself but enough about me lets talk about me. 

You have Toby Mcguire playing peter parker. he is a science wiz he is a nerd. he is really awkward. Other kids make fun of him , witch you are like thats totally peter parker. One of the things that make spider-man/peter parker cool is he is relatable. because take the avengers could you really relate to tony stark or Steve Rodger or even Thor ?  No not really . Peter Parker he is kind of the every day man and I don’t think you really need to be a nerd like peter parker to relate to him. But anyways he goes on a school field trip and get bit by a radio active spider . He goes home and is not feeling goos but the next day he is more than fine . He starts discovering his powers first he shoots web on a lunch tray and dumps it on Flash Thompson. He gets in a fight with him and to his and everyone else’s surprises he beats him . Than Peter start crawling on walls and jumps from buildings than he tries to swing from and web and after yelling go web , fly , up up and away web , shazam . he finally says nothing and just shot web out of his wrest . Now I know some people said he didn’t shoot web out his wrest he had the web shooter which is true but Sam Rami said “he has spider like powers” so he shoots web so I can roll with that . However if thats the logic we are going for that should he shoot web out his ass ? . I’m glad he didn’t cause than I would asked if he shoots web out his ass should he shoot web out his pe…. Meanwhile as spider-man develops his powers , he decides he wants to buy a car to impress Mary jane. so he enter a boxing match. before hand Uncle ben has a pep talk with him about his recent behavior and tell he be careful of the man you will become. Than he tells him this famous phrase “with great power comes great responsibility” , But peter is like “what ever stop lecturing me please.”  he throws it in his face. 

Long story short Peter wins the fight between bone saw Mcgraw, the fight promoter wouldn’t pay him the money he was promised so when he gets robbed peter lets him go but than he finds out the that robber killed uncle ben . Sometime later Peter feels bad over it because of the day uncle ben tried to tell him with great power comes great responsibility but he than come to realize whatever kind of man you become, you must use your gifts for the good of man kind. Than the amazing spider-man is born. When we see peter parker come into his own as spider-man it is fantastic. but among Toby Mcguire as Peter Parker/Spider-man are some good casting for side characters. 

Kristen Dunst as Mary Jane Watson , I know some people do not like her as Mary Jane but but they way I see it if they were not gonna pick a superior actress for the roll trust me the are worst actress they could of pick for Mary Jane and Kristen Dunst play Mary Jane right and at least for the first two movie she is what I envisioned Mary jane to be on the big screen. but the character Mary Jane she is the popular girl at school that peter has had a crush on and I like her in this movie because they illustrate that she may be popular but at home but she is not all that cool witch is why when she is around peter she feels as if she can be herself .

James franco who at the time and unbeknownst to me straight off of freaks and geeks  plays harry Osbourne. he is peter parkers best friend. Now he is pretty much a trust fund kid but he is the trust fund kid that is not cool because he is rich and compared to the other kids at school he doesn’t really have a place witch is why him and peter are close friends because because they are both social outcast. I just love how they illustrate that. 

Uncle Ben and Aunt may are are defiantly how I envisioned them on the big screen. I don’t mean to compared them to Michael Sheen and sally fields portrayal of uncle ben and aunt may in the amazing spider-man but I prefer Cliff Roberston and Rosemary Harris Portrayal of those characters because for me at least they are less known actors so when you see em you can really connect and sympathized with em so when Uncle Ben died your like shit uncle ben is dead . One reason to sympathize with em is because they are like regular working class americans. The first scene of them together and are introduced uncle ben changes a light bulb and aunt may says “don’t fall on your ass” and uncle ben is like “Im already on my ass may they let you go after 32 year i am on my ass “. Little things like that is why I love this movie and let alone this franchise. 

JK Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson . I could not think of anyone else other than JK Simmons who was made to play Jameson. He nails the roll of Jameson. Jameson runs the Daily Bugle witch is a news paper that peter parker works for and Jameson does not like spider-man and he is convinced Spider-man is a criminal. He all like who is spider-man he is a criminal . 

Among all the characters and who I haven’t mentioned yet it is all leading up to this. 

Willem Dafoe as Norman Osbourne/Green goblin. Norman is a scientist who owns Oscorp Industries . He is trying to make a human performance enhancer for the military . Now little details like that has me thinking could he be working on the super soldier project that made captain america and the hulk ? Little details like that make me realize how much spider-man would benefit from the avengers universe if the right to spider-man revert back to disney marvel. Norman tries it on himself and he is transformed to the green goblin. Now the Green Goblin/Norman Osborn is another roll that I thought Willem Dafoe was made to play  the goblin since he has always played evil characters . 

to me there are 2 introduction scenes to the goblin. The first being when he attacked the festival and it was his first battle with spider-man. The scene is one of my favorite action sequence in the spider-man movies . You also gotta think we have never seen spider-man on the silver screen. when we get to actually see him fight one of his foes on the big screen I always look back on those as if those are best. Even when Spider-man is swinging through the city I find that innovative , grated we have seen it plenty times before but at the time that was upsured that hadn’t been done before. 

the second introduction scene to the goblin to me is when he talks with norman Osbourne through that mirror . You can look at the facail expression on his face as he is talking like the goblin and i’m like “that is the green goblin”. And I know some people didn’t like the goblin suit and helmet. he looked like a green power ranger but it still not bad but really the big issue was the helmet because in the comic he had a mask that moved or he would just turn green and get point ears but they just gave him a helmet. I personally like the helmet because I don’t think you could get away with the way they did it in the comics without being to noticeable and silly now they seem to pull it off in the amazing spider-man 2 can wait to see that play out. 

The climax is also my favorite part too . spoiler alert both spidey and goblin find out who each other are and Osbourne tries to beg for mercy  he is like “ i’lve been like a father too you be a son to me now” and peter is like “ I had a father his name was ben parker” another favorite moment , but than norman says “god speed spider-man” and tries to kill him with his glider but spidey dodges it and norman kills himself. The film ends with his funeral and and Harry vowing revenge on spider-man . Than Mary Jane realizes peter has always ben there for her and they kiss but peter declines and say he can ony be there as a friend because he realizes he says it in his narration . the ones he love will always be the ones who pay. So if he has a romantic relationship with MJ he is endangering her . Than the films ends with him saying “with great power comes great responsibility” , than it cuts to spidey swinging through the city and land on the American flag too me thats how you end a film. I get chills every time I see that scene. Props to Sam Rami who brought spider-man to the big screen in such a fantastic way . I love the music and not just that hero song but the Danny Elfman music. The music that play during the opening credits alone set up the tone of the movie and I get chilled from watching that too. 

in the end I love Spider-man , its one of my favorite films of all time. In fact i’ll even say this first spider-man movie is my star wars because Like it I was so mesmerizes with how it turned out that I got into filmmaking because of this movie,  and its a good movie about stepping up to do whats right and using your gift for the good of man kind because Uncle ben said it best “with great power comes great responsibility” that explains it right there . And of course , Spider-man is an A++


“once you lose someone it is never exactly the same person who comes back.”

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God Damn the Twins grew up !

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I swear I only post comic book stuff

The sad mart is this is true


I swear I only post comic book stuff

The sad mart is this is true


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