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On my page I will just simple just tell you my thoughts and opinions on different subjects. some of them you will agree on , some of them you will desagree, some of them will hurt your feelings but I DON'T CARE ! sometimes stuff just has to be said.
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Zilla vs. Godzilla . Yes u know I have the suck godzilla movie but I like it when I was a kid and as I got older I realized it was bad but hey that’s what guilty pleasures are something u know is bad but u get I.joyment out of it . Zilla just better be lucky I even bought her on dvd because she is not worth buying on blu-ray .

P.s. I will say the only thing zilla has over godzilla we get more screen time with her than godzilla

The first of many of Community’s rhyming celebrity quips featured Harvey Keitel,
who delivers a line in the same style during his role in Pulp Fiction.

This is what my sister does when she’s board on a Sunday night


Comicbook movie posters by Cakes-and-Comics

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im sorry but i just found a making of picture of Guardians of the Galaxy and Groot was already hilarious


and i just



Check me out as a guest on Drunken Banter . 

The marvel cinematic universe phase 1 & 2 (minus guardians of the galaxy. Can’t wait till it comes out on dvd tho)

The captain America movies plus the avengers #marvel #captainamerica #marvelcinematicuniverse #avengers

This movie came to thearter in April and it is now september, they are just now releasing it on blu-ray . #marvel #captainamerica #avengers

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