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When you find out a mutual follow has lots of followers

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it’s not automatically a good thing or automatically a bad thing but art styles changing for cartoons mid-series is not some brand new concept or something so totally unheard of like its just a thing. that happens. if the art change totally ~*~ruins the show~*~ for you then get over it and watch something else

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Surrender now or prepare to fight!

Don’t text and drive kiddos



PLL Season 5 Episode 12 "Taking This One to the Grave" 


Mona has so many dolls…
creepy dolls.


The girls going to Mona for help against Alison.. Can we trust her?
I wanna trust her.. but..


"She can’t play with her dolls.." Mona about Alison..
what is up with the dolls..?

Officer Toby.




"What’s wrong with…

My thoughts exactly…..and yes I watch pretty little liars . Thats my guilty pleasure show

Seriously? I can't believe this went on for so long! 

They really need to release the movies un altered

Sin City : A Dame to Kill for Review

I originally did a video for this movie but I ran into some problems so here is a written review of Sin City 2 but before I start this review , their were some movies I saw over the summer that I didn’t do a video review for so here is a quick rundown of the those movie and the ratings I gave them 

Maleficent B-: for I would buy on DVD

22 Jump Street A+ : for Full Price 

How to train your dragon 2 A++

Dawn of the planet of the apes A++

The expendables 3 C- : for it’s a rental 

Get on up : The James Brown Story A+

Now with all that said Imma end my summer movie tour with a review of Sin City a Dame to Kill for So sin city a dame to kill for is a long over due sequel to the 2005 film sin city . now when it take almost a decade for a sequel to come I get a little skeptical and not only that but because ever since the first machete Robert Rodriguiz hasn’t really had a good track record of movies. spy kids 4 and machete kills comes to mind. It’s like Robert Rodriguiz make a good solid movie thats a great stand alone movie and then he make a sequel that slightly doesn’t doesn’t measure up to how great the first film was or just doesn’t measure up to how great the first film was. Now with this I think this is probably one of his best sequels. 

In a dame to kill for it’s the same formula and style as the first film you got 3 stories that are connected in some kind of way . Mickey Rourke as Marv is absolutely the best thing in sin city and he steals every scene he is in to why he is my favorite character in these movies . I really loved Jessica Alba as Nancy this time around . while I enjoyed her character in the first film I thought she was a little one sided but in this movie she is still effect from the events in the first film and she grows as a characters . Hell even bruce willis returns as Hartigan and ultimately he is Nancy’s Jiminy cricket hallucination. 

Powers Boothe returns as Roark and while I like him in the first film they give him more to do in this film . They really explained upon his character to which he is the true villain of these movies. I really appreciated that . 

MY favorite segment in this film that is the title segment A dame to kill for . Josh Brolin replaces Clive Owen Dwight in this film and he is fixated with with Eva Greens character . and holy crap she she also steals the show and any movie where eva green get to show her goodies is always good but that’s not why I liked her in this movie she’s uses showing her goodies…..forget it She’s nude in the movie like she is with most of her movies alright but she doesn’t do it for nothing she uses it to manipulate men because ultimately thats what her character is . she is somewhat of a Mistress that seduces’s men and frankly I thought it was the absolute right call to cast her as This character in the a dame to kill for segment. 

As much as I love JGL in anything he is in I gotta say my least favorite was his segment in the film.I thought his story was a little underwhelming . And that is one of the low points of this movie .As much as I loved all the segments, Out side of the tittle segment a dame to kill for the other segments was a little under whleming . I felt like this movie didn’t have that edge that the first film had grant it still has the same style and Gratuitous violence as the first film and it is visually stunning to look at but the stories didn’t have that punch the first movie had. Hell it even ends abruptly and I didn’t see it coming . I not gonna spoil the characters but someone has somebody at gun point than you here the gun shot as it cuts to black . someone gives a brief monologue than boom end credits and I was like “oh thats its okay well lets go c’mon lets go so we can beat traffic .

also I thought thought Robert Rodriguiz utilize the 3D really well since most of this movie was shot on green screen so I thought 3D worked for the style is most of the film is shot by shot from the original graphic novel . 

In the end I really enjoyed Sin city a dame to kill for , some of the stories were underwhelming but it still had that same style and formula as the first movie , most of the old characters come back , the new characters were cool. As a sin city movie I like the first movie more but Sin city 2 is defiantly worthy of a sin city movie. As a Robert Rodriguiz movie Even tho i have very very slight problems with this movie but at the same time it ain’t spy kid 3,4 and machete kills so i’m gonna give sin city a dame to kill for an A - for full price . 

also Last year Me 3 other made a short film inspired by sin city , check that out :

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The spider-man cinematic experience

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