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On my page I will just simple just tell you my thoughts and opinions on different subjects. some of them you will agree on , some of them you will desagree, some of them will hurt your feelings but I DON'T CARE ! sometimes stuff just has to be said.
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Today I brought space jam on blu-ray for $5 . I had it on vhs but gave it away…big mistake . But it’s oKay because after all these years I still have the tape deck version of the soundtrack . Such great memories . To me this bridges the gap of an aspect of my childhood.

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DC Cast (so far)

I made some of my own Posters with Honest movies tiles. Some of them may look a little bad but eh it just me brushing up on my photshop skills . There will be more comming soon . enjoy !

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Bat symbol evolution.


Bat symbol evolution.

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The x-men cinematic experience .

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The x-men days of future past collectors edition .

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